Pastor Leslie D. Richardson

Apostle Leslie D. Richardson is the founding Pastor of My Father’s House International Christian Discipleship Center. He and his wife, Pastor Lily R. Richardson, are the vision-bearers of this awesome ministry located in Denver, Colorado.

Pastor Richardson is the third child of four children born to Deacon O.J. and Pastor Geraldine Richardson. His parents (and late grandmother Pastor F.M. Williams) are in the ministry, making Pastor Richardson a third-generation preacher of the Gospel.

Pastor Richardson is a native of Lansing, Michigan, where he received his formal education. He studied Architectural Drafting at the Lansing Community Design Center, received his biblical training under Bishop Earl O. Holiman (Pastor of Bethsaida Temple Christian Center in Denver, Colorado), and additional training at the Marilyn Hickey Bible College. He has an earned Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and is currently working on his Masters of Arts in Biblical Studies. He is an International Certified Trainer and Speaker and Coach at the Executive Directors Level with The John Maxwell Team. He is a Maxwell Certified Behavioral Analysis Trainer, better known as the DISC model.

Pastor Richardson’s first pastoral assignment was as acting pastor at the Original Church of God, located at 72nd Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. After commuting between Denver and Chicago for ministry for over 2½ years, the Lord led him to plant the ministry of My Father’s House in Denver. After much prayer and fasting, and counseling from his pastor and mentor, Bishop Holiman, Pastor Richardson obeyed the mandate. His two sons, Leslie II, and Marcus, his sister Dianna, and a few others were the initial members of My Father’s House. With the call of God on his life and nothing but the Word of God, the Lord led him to plant the ministry of My Father’s House in Denver, Colorado.

Pastor Richardson began evangelizing the Denver community with his signature program “Crying In The Wilderness” radio ministry—and the Lord added to the Church such as should be saved. Today he is still “Crying in the Wilderness” on radio, television, and on the Internet.

The Lord has given Pastor Richardson the vision to disciple God’s people, a gift to unlock the mysteries contained in God’s Holy Word, and an anointed, apostolic, and prophetic ministry. Pastor Richardson is a published author, of “The Office of The Prophet” 2nd edition. You can order a copy of this awesome book right here. The 1st Edition is available upon request in audio format.

The Richardsons are the thankful parents of four beautiful children: Leslie II, Marcus, Jasmine, and Joshua. And they have five grandchildren: Leslie III, Laila, Adriel, Mya, and Khalil.