Apostolic Prophetic Convergence

The Apostolic Prophetic Convergence

I would like to extend my personal invitation to Denver, Colorado, to our Apostolic Prophetic Convergence. God has given me a charge to host this convergence here in Denver, Colorado on May 17, 18, 19, 2018. Our primary purpose is to release the Sound of Heaven from this mountain. Scripture Theme: Isaiah 2:1-4 and Micah 4:1-2

God has spoken to me not to conduct business as usual by holding another conference, revival, or retreat. He has chosen Denver to be the place where this Convergence will take place for the express purpose of tearing down the idols in the city, and throughout the land which have blinded the eyes of His people. He spoke this to me several years ago and now is the time to execute His will in the earth.

The body of Christ as been disenfranchised too long here in the city, through the spirit of mammon, competition, and witchcraft, and I believe the Lord is giving Denver a final chance to be that “City on a Hill.” God has placed in this city some very powerful unknown kingdom messengers who are well known in heaven. They have been faithful to the call but there has been very little impact in our city.

The Lord spoke this word to me some years ago regarding the Prophetic Rhythms of Heaven. He said, “There is a continuous flow from heaven, the sound of my voice. When the earth hears the sound of my voice from heaven and speaks my will in the earth, all of the commerce of heaven is available to it. I’m always speaking or releasing a sound from heaven. It is the earth’s responsibility to hear from heaven and say what heaven is saying.”

This Apostolic Convergence is not a one-time even that moves on to the next big thing when it is completed. It is the epic of a movement in the earth projected to the year 2020 and beyond as the Lord tarries. God has given clear instruction to bring the Body of Christ together to identify, activate, and equip the body of Christ, through Prophetic Declarations!

God desires to create the atmosphere conducive to the manifestation of the Sons of God in the earth. He has given us clear patterns throughout scripture and in our lives how sound precedes His revelation. There is not a prophet of God who can peach the word of God with out hearing His sound or his voice. Several instants the phrase is heard “and the word of the Lord came unto.” This is the sound of heaven or what we have come to know as the Prophetic rhythms of heaven.

I have come to recognize every gift is necessary for the body to be the whole and function in the fullness. Unfortunately we have been starved by egotistical leaders in the body who have become more interested in themselves than what heavens will is in the earth. This has caused the body to operate on an ancillary level. Any apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher who operates without regard to the entire body will eventually abuse the gift. The gift becomes their idol and the untrained goes along with the abuse. Thus we have a revolving door of damaged saints searching from house to house, or church to church for someone to tell them who they are or what their calling is in the body. It’s time to stop the nonsense! Every gift in the body is necessary. This is the reason why we must come together in an Apostolic Prophetic Convergence, so we all can come in the unity of the faith unto the knowledge of the Son of God into a perfect man, into the measure the stature and the fullness of Christ. Egos, competitions, strife, have no place in the Body of Christ. We are all members of the Body.

If you feel God has been calling you to a specific function and you have not been able to quite figure out what it is, the this Apostolic Prophetic Convergence is for you! We are blessed to work with a team of local Apostles and Prophets and those from around the country to create a atmosphere of convergence here on this mountain in Denver, Colorado. The Lord has confirmed now is the time  to our dear friend and anointed Minstrel Prophet Phillip Tarver, and his lovely wife First Lady Vondrea Tarver from United Faith Center Ministries International in Blessing, IN. Prophet Tarver was one of the feature ministers of Shekinah Glory ministries, of Kingdom Valley Ministry under Apostle Daniels.

Prophet Terrell Brown of Charlotte, North Carolina is part of our team. He is very gifted and effective in activating and equipping the body and young prophets in how to operate in their gifting. Prophet Jimmie Reed of Denver, Colorado is a Global Prophet who operates heavily in unlocking the mystical truths of the prophetic. We have many other Apostles here in the city working with us. They include Apostle Larry Washington, Consolation Christian Church, Pastor Ray Whittington, Life Changers Ministries, Dr. Del Phillips, The House Worship Center, Pastor Al Combs, Founder of Christ Church Apostolic Center, Pastor Milford Adams, Prophet Minstrel Timothy Boston, Jubilee Word of Faith, Pastor Norman Hurd, Agape Missionary Church, and the number is growing.

Vender tables are available as well. If you want to connect with us and be apart of this epic movement, please call me at (720) 443-2812.

Workshop will be held Friday & Saturday morning from 9am-1pm:

  • Prophetic Sight, Song, and Sound – Prophet Phil Tarver

  • How to operate effectively as a prophet in your local house – Prophet Terrell Brown

  • Activation of the prophetic – Prophet Jimmy Reed

  • Funding for your ministry building project – Pastor Milford Adams

  • How to flow in miracles, signs and wonders – Pastor Milford Adams

  • Sound biblical interpretation – Dr. Dale Phillips

  • Unlocking the Jewish mysteries of the apostolic/prophetic – Apostle Richardson

Please do not wait until the last minute to register, seating is limited. The registration is available at our website, @ WWW.MyFathersHouseICDC.COM. Pre-Registration is $10.00.

Or you can visit Godport.TV for more information.

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