Membership Levels

Welcome to our new Discipleship Streaming Account page! You can now stream messages from our website 24/7! Register today for your free account!We are in our “Beta Testing” phase for the next week. Please advise us if you have any problems  at info@MyFathersHouseICDC.COM.


Level Price  
Members Free Select
Member Level 2 Free Select
Leadership Free Select
Key Partner's Portal Free Select

Members – Discipleship Streaming Account : Active membership account for disciples of My Father’s House

Members 1 – Paid Streaming Account : This account level is for those who wish to have access to our audio/video content via our website. Content available at this level is one month behind.

Leadership – Discipleship Portal: This level is for our leadership team. This is where our Pastor teaches and trains his leadership team in the vision of My Father’s House.

Key Partners Portal: This level is free for Key Partners who support the ministry of Leslie D. Richardson. If you wish to become a Key Partner please visit Key Partners Sign Up Page.